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Bay Area Catalytic Converter Replacement

Bay Area Catalytic Converter Replacement

As you may know, there is a big increase in thieves capitalizing on the precious metal value in vehicle catalytic converters.  Whether you drive a car, truck, or van, thieves are taking any opportunity available to crawl under your vehicle with a reciprocating saw and leave with a part that is worth up to $800-$900 at the local metal recycler. What the thieves are not considering is where it leaves their victims.  Usually the theft goes unnoticed until the unsuspecting driver starts their car and it sounds like a diesel tractor starting on a cold morning.  Catalytic converter replacements and repairs can cost upwards of $5000!  Thieves will often cut the pipe in front of the catalytic converter, and the pipe behind, while stealing your catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.  This leaves a driver with 3 damaged/missing pipes, and of course a huge repair bill. At times, our customers have comprehensive insurance to help cover the cost of the repair but what is e ... read more


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